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Avenue Tshopo, Goma, Nord Kivu
République Démocratique du Congo


Baudouin Peeters avec le lac Kivu en arrière plan

Belgian living next to Brussels, but regularly in the Great Lakes Region for its sustainable development and tourism activities, Baudouin is passionate about the history between Belgium and Africa. He is very concerned about the conservation of biodiversity and wildlife. (Read more...) In case of emergency, he can be reached during your stay and can advise you on all your sports and nature walks. Managing Director of Kivu Travel sarl & Dynamedia Congo sarl, Baudouin is the importer of the Congolese beers Simba and Tembo in Europe. He is also managing director of the Royal Belgian African Union (URBA-KBAU).

Laini prise de près

With a Belgian father and a Congolese mother, Laini was born in Kindu (Maniema). She studied in Canada and Belgium before working in Spain for 3 years. She remains very attached to the country where she was born, Congo. (Read more...) Laini is a great traveller and wants to combine her passion with the economic recovery of the Great Lakes region. She joined the team as Manager Kivu Travel.

Roger pris de près en t-shit Kivu Travel

Roger's from Kivu. He lives in Goma and knows the region and its inhabitants very well. Through his permanent presence on site, Roger ensures that all our customers are perfectly welcomed.

Karine dans la brousse

Karine, a French architect living in Bujumbura (Burundi) since 1999, works for Enabel, the Belgian development agency for which it monitors (Read more...) investments in infrastructure for basic services in the context of supporting the sustainable development of the Great Lakes region. Seduced by the beauty of the region and the originality of its inhabitants, Karine has settled permanently in Burundi where she lives harmoniously with her family. She will accompany you during your stay thanks to her broad knowledge and experience of the country and its traditions.

Karine dans la brousse

Back in Belgium after 3 years in Ethiopia and 7 years spent in her lodge in Zanzibar, Fleur keeps her heart firmly anchored in Africa. (Read more ... ) His passion for this continent is contagious, it is able to lift mountains to offer you exactly the trip you dream of. Like her 2 children of Ethiopian origin, Fleur speaks French, English and Kiswahili. Joining the Kivu Travel team was almost an evidence ...

Cide avec le lac Kivu en arrière plan

Since the establishment of Kivu Travel in 2009, Cide takes care of all clients who pass through Goma. He knows the city like the back of his hand, but also the sometimes complicated road to the gorillas and the volcano.

Gaby avec le lac Kivu en arrière plan

Gaby will be your host to make sure you have a pleasant stay in South Kivu. He lives in Bukavu and knows the city and its history very well. Passionate and exciting he will take care of you in Bukavu and its surroundings (Kahuzi-Biega, Lwiro,...).

Felix avec le lac Kivu en arrière plan

Very involved with the Rwandan national cycling team, he sometimes calls himself coach! Félix knows all the roads in Rwanda. And everybody knows him... He leads you through the land of a thousand hills.


He's the second mayor of Idjwi Island. As a journalist and as a tourist guide, Yves will help you discover unexpected nooks and crannies.